fabric fast: check-in

Hello fellow fasters!

How are you all doing with the whole 'no buying fabric' business. Tricky, eh? I, myself, have been having such a rough time. E is going through a clingy period where when I try and put her down for naps, she immediately wakes to full alertness, crying until she's picked up again. So, at least once a day, I try and allow her to have a good nap by holding her for the duration of one naptime. This of course leads to lots of free time to fart around on the internet. I suppose I could also read a book....

Anyway, I managed to stick to just two purchases so far - and it was (mostly) solids, so within the "rules!" I ended up getting some more Essex linen as I am on a geranium dress making kick and have some gorgeous fabric that would be perfect as a little dress but needed some solid to balance it out. I also snagged a corduroy for her Halloween costume. But I did break the rules (!) and got a Briar Rose print and a wool plaid for some fall clothing for E. Oops.

How did you fare so far?


  1. Is E teething? My little ones always get like that when that's the case. Best of luck following your self-imposed shopping restrictions. I can attest to the difficultly of this when sleep-deprived and in close proximity to internet access.

  2. Well I made it though one month, bought a bunch of fabric then nothing since. Thankfully my birthday was last week, so I bought some fabric on behalf of my husband-LOL so he could give it to me for a present. Totally did not count towards ME buying fabric-right? Good luck, I have 4 more months to go...

  3. Made it 6 months and fell apart ... opps. Although it was time for a re-stash of the essentials. Now, I have gone another month and hope to last the year. It's so hard to be good!

  4. A Fabric Fast? Oh dear! Its killing me that I get to go to the Big City tomorrow, but Payday isn't until the Next Day after that! Ugh! But I have been trying to "be good". Sometimes.


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