a special geranium

E had a big day recently - her baptism!! And there was food (BBQ), family, friends and of course, a very special handmade dress.

I had thought about making a dress for her baptism after looking at the polyester dresses online that cost a small fortune. None were really her my style and just soo...poofy. So I ordered up some voile in white that was embroidered with white flowers. It seemed pretty and delicate and still simple and understated - perfect for such an occasion.

photo by PSJ photography
I had already selected the pattern of course - the tried and true and oh so perfect geranium dress by made by rae, I had sewn it before with success and with a few alterations, it would be easy to make more formal. I went with the capped sleeve and gathered skirt option, but lengthened the skirt about 12" (for a 3-6 month size). I also added a satin ribbon on the bodice to tie into a bow at the back to make it a little dressier. Pearl snaps instead of buttons made this a snap (ha!) to change into at the church. I also added a lining on the skirt to add more fullness and to compensate for the sheer voile fabric used.

photo by PSJ photography
I wanted to take the time to hand stitch the inside bodice but with guests arriving, machine stitching won out, so the inside is a bit more sloppy than I would like.

All in all, this went together quickly and easily (as geraniums always do!) and I must say, although I'm biased, that she was just a total doll baby! 

fabric fast: check-in

Hello fellow fasters!

How are you all doing with the whole 'no buying fabric' business. Tricky, eh? I, myself, have been having such a rough time. E is going through a clingy period where when I try and put her down for naps, she immediately wakes to full alertness, crying until she's picked up again. So, at least once a day, I try and allow her to have a good nap by holding her for the duration of one naptime. This of course leads to lots of free time to fart around on the internet. I suppose I could also read a book....

Anyway, I managed to stick to just two purchases so far - and it was (mostly) solids, so within the "rules!" I ended up getting some more Essex linen as I am on a geranium dress making kick and have some gorgeous fabric that would be perfect as a little dress but needed some solid to balance it out. I also snagged a corduroy for her Halloween costume. But I did break the rules (!) and got a Briar Rose print and a wool plaid for some fall clothing for E. Oops.

How did you fare so far?