DIY flannel burp cloths

Just before E arrived, I was gifted a brand new Juki serger. I was excited to get it since I knew that it would be an easy way to make things for E. One of the first things on my list was blankets and burp cloths.

DIY double sided burp cloths
They were honestly super easy to do. I bought a yard and a half of flannels (on sale!) and cut out a 40" square for a nice size swaddle blanket and then cut down the remaining portion into rectangles to use as burp cloths. A quick run of the edges through the serger and they were finished!

I ended up making the burp cloths double sided (the backs are solid color flannels) which really has helped with the absorption. I like that these are also a bit thinner than regular cloth diapers or heavy burp cloths while still being quite absorbent. They are also soft enough that E doesn't even complain when I wipe off her face! 

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