wip: rockin' robin

Over this past year-ish, I organized and participated in a Round Robin. I really, truly loved the challenge that each quilt presented and absolutely love what everyone added to mine. It's amazing what happens when 5 ladies get together and swap quilts - the creativity was really remarkable. I know I'd never have come up with this quilt on  my own, but I totally love it!

round robin starter
I started with this little unassuming star block for my center. I had no preconceived ideas about what it might become so I knew I'd be happy with whatever came my way. I think that's the best rule of thumb for these types of things. Had I selected a block or fabrics that I had envisioned as something already, I was bound for disappointment. Having no expectations besides a beautiful quilt in whatever form it took made me excited each time I saw a new round added.

And my humble center star grew and grew and grew some more into this gorgeous quilt I could never have imagined alone. Each round just added more interest. And I love the bold, vibrant colors everyone used.

final travelling round
This was mostly a stash robin. Everyone sent along a few scraps with their quilts but really, most of these fabrics were from the ladies personal stashes, so it was so cool to see all the new materials and patterns that were incorporated.

my final addintion
I am adding on another round just to finish it up. It should be a nice 72" square when finished. I just felt the arrows were too light for a final round, but think that duplicating the second round (HSTs) that it will make the quilt feel complete.


  1. Wow, what an amazing quilt top! I think your final border is going to really help finish out the design.

  2. That is awesome! How fun to make the center and just 'let it go!' :)

  3. You found a great group of people! That quilt is beautiful!

  4. That is a very cool quilt! I agrees with your HSTs, can't wait to see this finished :)

  5. Definitely like the HSTs to finish this out. This was a fun one to work on and I'm looking forward to seeing your finish!!

  6. Wow, truly awesome and inspiring quilt! I love the Native American feel of it. Can't wait to see how you quilt it, too.


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