give me liberty (a stash post)

Since having a newborn (especially one that doesn't like being anywhere but her mama's arms) doesn't leave much time for sewing, I've been doing lots of dreaming...dreaming about fabric, looking at fabric porn, filling up cart after virtual cart, thinking of all the projects I'd love to do...someday...when this baby decides she loves her baby swing.

liberty love
liberty quarter yards

Usually, the shopping spree ends there - in my virtual basket. But sometimes, nursing at 3 am just makes a girl do some crazy things. I blame the hormones. Like last week, I was doing some online window shopping at Purl Soho (where I could literally buy everything) and a bundle of Liberty of London prints found it's way into my cart. Then a few of my favorite prints in 1/4 yard cuts snuck their way in as well...

I've loved Liberty fabrics since I started quilting but I've never purchased them because I sort of gag at the price. I always stare at them longingly but end up hitting "remove" when it gets down to decision (aka credit card) time. But this time, I did it. I hit "purchase."

And the sky didn't fall. Lightening didn't strike.

liberty love
the liberty mini bundle

So I guess it's ok.

But let me tell you - these are lovely fabrics! Eek! So pretty! They are so soft and the patterns are so "me." I can't wait to cut into them. I have a couple projects that I dreamed up to start as soon as I get the chance but am hoping to stretch these pretties into as many projects as I can.

And yes, I feel like the little elf from the Hobbit with his "precious" just petting these and pulling them out and fanning them on the desk - it's kinda scary. Don't judge.


  1. So they really are nice? I debated buying some during the Massdrop deal, did you see that? Maybe they will do it again and I will hit the purchase button, don't worry, the 3am feedings eventually end ;)

  2. These are gorgeous- enjoy your Precious :-) Good luck getting your little one to let you put her down... My 2nd was like that and a sling saved our lives, and our backs.

    1. Yes, we love the sling!! I don't know how I'd eat without it haha. My friend and I took our babes on a walk recently and it ended with both of us pushing empty strollers and carrying sleepy babes.

  3. God Bless your family with your new addition. Nice to have you back.. Nice fabric


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