a ::little:: stashing

This stash post is brought to you by, in no particular order: take out sushi, a quarter tank of gas, 4 hours, Billy Joel and lots and LOTS of "shhhh"-ing.

Let me back track....my friend just got into sewing and quilting. Being the selfless, good friend I am, I offered to take her to the best quilting shop here in Vegas. It's on the opposite side of town so even childless it is quite the trip. We decided didn't have a choice to take our littles - her 1 year old son and my 2 month old daughter. We loaded them up into one car and drove (and drove and drove) to the fabric store.

All was really going well. Both babies did a good job staying quiet on the drive. We browsed (with the expected interruption, of course) the stacks of fabric. E kissed up to the sales folks with some baby smiles. Her baby put himself in a shopping basket and tried to grab the glass statues - possibly the only breakable thing there - that were right at kid level. Eventually, we checked out.

new AMH stashings
Before heading back, she walked her son to tire him out a bit while I fed E. We then loaded both kids back into their seats and proceed to drive home. Not more than 10 miles (and lots of screaming) later, we pull over so I can feed E (again). My friend decides to try this take out sushi place...because we are stuck there in a parking lot off some exit we'd never been to before. She runs in, her baby wakes up and starts crying. She returns from the sushi place, bag in hand. Not surprisingly, both babies end up in the front seat, eating and snuggling. A half an hour later, both seem to be pretty happy and content so we decide to try again.

new AMH stashings
Click. Click. Highway. Screaming. Wailing. Bloody murder I tell ya.

So we frantically toss in a lullaby CD - baby lullabies to the tunes of Billy Joel. It's actually pretty good. But it does nothing for the babies. So we "SHHHhhhhHHHhhh" over and over. Loudly, so it is louder than the road noise and their combined crying. I don't recommend this technique for the obvious reason - it makes you light headed like you blew up 400 balloons. But it did quiet the babies.

Then we turned up Billy Joel and enjoyed the last 15 minutes of the drive, talking who knows what in the quietest of whispers while munching on take out sushi.

Oh, and I bought some on sale AMH Field Study fat quarters.

Also, thank God for online shopping. 


  1. This post cracked me up. I think partly because I foresee this happening to me in the near future. :) Despite the chaos, it sounds like a really fun day, and I love the fabric you picked up! I'm also now craving sushi.

  2. I love your fabric shopping adventure tale. It is so much like my life, even though my youngest has hit the walking and getting into everything (the nastier and more hazardous, the better) stage. It's fun to have a friend along for the ride, especially one who understands your life stage. I too appreciate online shopping, since not all quilt shop employees appreciate my kiddos as I do.

  3. Sounds like that was relaxing! This is too funny. Back when our kids were small our monthly meeting was MY NIGHT. A few of us would go out for dinner (no fabric stores nearby plus they serve wine in restaurants-but a flask in a fabric store would have worked too). And with any luck they were in bed when I got home! Kinda like your menstrual cycle it was our SANITY CYCLE-ever 30 days!

  4. That blue leopard print is one of my absolute faves! That surely was worth the price of admission / crying / sushi / feeding / breaking things all on its own!


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