a *little* stashing

In addition to my Liberty, I got some fun new fabrics recently. I haven't done much in the way of fabric shopping in a while except for the necessary backing print or stashed neutral so it was fun to splurge a little and get something I'd been eyeing for a while now.

From Purl Soho, I got this beautiful stack of solids in their "Sunrise" colorway. I'm thinking they will become a lovely ombre HST quilt.

sunrise bundle
I also got some more of those necessary fabrics - a backing for my Round Robin quilt (AMH Poppies) and some Essex Linen and Kona snow. Gotta love fabric mail!

(And being totally honest, this was way more fun than shopping for new, larger pants)

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  1. Those colors together are so lovely. Makes me smell the beach on a warm morning. :)

  2. Such nice colors! They'd make a really soothing ombre. I keep meaning to get to Purl Soho (it's not too far from where I live), but I'm lazy. These stash posts are motivating me to get over there!

  3. I hear you about the larger pants, lol. Your size in quilts doesn't change!
    Those fabrics are gorgeous. It'll be fun to see just what you do with them.

  4. lovely, jumping over from stash report..

  5. That stack is amazing! So pretty!

  6. Gorgeous! I have to admit I don't typically tend toward yellows and oranges, but this stack is just so sunny and bright! I think that may be what my stash is missing!

  7. Love this stack so much! And anything is better than shopping for larger or smaller pants. I'd honestly rather pin baste a king size quilt on my hands and knees than shop for pants. Though, maybe if I did that more often, I would need to? :D

  8. Love! My partner and I are using a lot of those tones in our Supernova quilt swap blocks. Just delightful, Jess : )

  9. Ohhhhh, those colors are beautiful! I cannot wait to see what they become :)

    1. Right now I'm thinking the ombre HSTs but you know how ideas evolve...guess we'll see!!

  10. This is such a lovely stack. I can't wait to see what it becomes! And I agree that fabric shopping is so much better than buying larger pants! I am living in yoga pants because I can't find any.


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