a fancy, schmancy new camera

Guess what this (formerly) little lady got?

A brand new DSLR! My husband got it for me as a "push present" (or so he says) since I'd been wanting one forever.

new camera ;)
my E bump at 38 weeks

Up until this point, I had been using a little Canon Point and Shoot. I must say, it took decent photos and it did have some manual adjustment settings, so I was happy with it for the most part. I had learned how to get the best photos I could with that camera and so, while I'm excited to have a brand new camera, the learning curve seems pretty steep at this point. I'm hoping to learn a few tricks and take even better (manual) photos.

A photographer friend of mine wants to learn to sew - and I want to learn how to take nice photos of little miss E...yay for skill swapping!

For this blog, it means I might be including some more photography posts as I learn and lots of pictures as I try and fail and try and succeed. I find documenting the trial and error helps me learn. How about you? Any photography tips to share?!


  1. Leave that sucker on manual no matter what! Forget it even has automatic function and you'll learn super fast. Take a photo at sandwiched meter readings to see the difference. e.g. 1/60 at f5.0 at f5.6 at f6.0 etc. Leave the flash off forever. Explore, have fun!

  2. I hope to learn along with you on your camera-journey.
    I'm visiting from our new blog discussion group. Isn't this fun?!!

  3. My husband just gave me one for my birthday. :D I'm still learning my settings too, though I've built the back end of cameras for years (my realjob). The one piece of advice I have is be religious about the lens cap.


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