love, fleury

fleurys tent
My mom is the best. She's always getting me such fun, new toys. Check out this new tent she bought me for the car. I don't think she read the instructions right though because she keeps telling me to sit on top of it - something about dog hair and vacuums. Don't worry though, I showed her how it was meant to be used and crawled underneath. Now if only she would get me a camping stove - we'd be in business.


last weekend

Oh, last weekend. It was a doozey. I woke up, let the dog out like any other morning and he just was barking up a storm. Fleury is not a barker, except to alert us to something, so that should have been my first clue that something was up. I put my glasses on and walked outside.


A pipe in our back yard had broken and as the sprinklers turned on, water was flooding the backyard. I shut off the water, of course, but to Fleury it was like the weekend gods had come down and blessed him with a pond of his very own in the back yard. He frolicked and ran and dug and blew bubbles for a good hour or so before he completely wore himself out.

But, all good (or inconvenient) things must come to and end. The pipe has been repaired and the lake dried up. Poor Fleury. 

rockin' robin

I recently (like in the past 3 months-ish) started my own little round robin swap. I really wasn't sure going in what to expect, but honestly, it's my favorite swap to have participated in. I started by making my center block, the warm colored star at the bottom. My first addition was to Kristan's center, the spools. I decided to keep with the sewing theme, I'd add a ric-rac border. Unknown to me at the time, she's going to use this quilt for her new business venture - a brick and mortar fabric store in Dallas.

rockin' robin
My next border was for Audrey's center. To be honest, the bright, almost neon color scheme isn't something that I am familiar with working with and a little out of my comfort zone. But suprisingly, after going through some scrap stash, I realized I had almost all of the solids used in this quilt. And I really wanted to keep the border simple since it had already had some fussy, fancy borders and thought it could use something to make those pop without overwhelming the quilt. I came up with this assymetrical mosaic border and really really liked how things were turning out. It's kind of crazy how that works sometimes - you do your most creative work when you are pushed from your comfort zone.

I love how my quilt is turning out - it's so unexpected and nothing I ever would have thought of myself, but really makes me smile.