houndstooth quilt progress

After narrowing down some color choices for Genny's houndstooth quilt, I selected a dark navy (Kona) and, of course, yarn dyed Essex linen in flax as the two primary colors. I'm still playing with an accent color, but thought I would start assembling these blocks to not waste time while I hemmed and hawed over design decisions.

genny 1

genny 4
Cutting was surprisingly easy, despite things being cut to the odd 6 1/8" dimension. I assembled strips for the striped squares and am picking out those little corner ends over coffee and a Criminal Minds marathon.

genny 3
I still hold the view that it's more fun to assemble a quilt as you go instead of working from a pattern, but this was a really easy pattern so far and the prep work has gone surprisingly fast. Some chain piece assembly in the coming days and straight line quilting (still debating on the diagonal versus next to the seams...) should also make this a pretty fast finish.

genny 5
The backing fabric is ordered, a couple prints from the Indian Summer line. I really do love that collection of fabrics and was glad that it worked so well for this quilt (and the little boys it is for).

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  1. Lovely! Another houndstooth :) I think we are following different patterns as my blocks are 5.5" and I don't have little corners to unpick! But I also feel it's coming together a lot quicker than expected :) Looking forward to seeing your quilting decision. I'm still clueless as to what direction I will take :/


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