half a year

That's how long we've been puppy parents. And it surprises me just how big this little fluff of energy has grown. He's a big, old 8 months now, over 60 pounds and still growing.

fleurys balls 1

fleurys balls 3
balls, 8 weeks to 8 months
We've spent what feels like a fortune in various toys, but it seems that we pretty much should save all our money and invest in Chuck-Its. I don't know what it is about these particular balls, but they are very much his favorite. We've tried other balls and some are fun for a short time, but nothing like these. He seriously carries  them from inside to outside and back again. If he's awake, there is almost always one in his mouth. The only time there isn't is when he has dropped it in your lap so that you can throw it so that he can chase it until it is in his mouth again. Rinse, repeat.

His absolute favorite is obviously the heavily damaged one, gaping open.  

fleurys balls 4

fleurys balls 5
 On an unrelated note, I'm so excited that I got the chance to participate in this year's Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Hop hosted by Plum and June. It's a great way for new, modern quilting bloggers to get to know one another in the vastness of blog land.

It kicked off in June with some great blogs and continues until the end of July. I posted just last week. Click on the icon below to take you over to the Blog Hop page for the complete list of participants and follow through to check out their totally fun blogs!

Plum and June

the photos that weren't

I've been having a lot of success finishing things up lately. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been very cooperative - harsh sunlight (even in the early morning) and crazy, mad wind have ruined several photo shoots. Usually, I just wait it out. But this has been going on for about a month now and a girl's gotta move on (and ship quilts!)

pictures that werent

pictures that werent

pictures that werent

pictures that werent

pictures that werent
What I wouldn't give for some New England or Midwest spring weather right about now...

How do you deal with bad photo weather?

houndstooth quilt progress

After narrowing down some color choices for Genny's houndstooth quilt, I selected a dark navy (Kona) and, of course, yarn dyed Essex linen in flax as the two primary colors. I'm still playing with an accent color, but thought I would start assembling these blocks to not waste time while I hemmed and hawed over design decisions.

genny 1

genny 4
Cutting was surprisingly easy, despite things being cut to the odd 6 1/8" dimension. I assembled strips for the striped squares and am picking out those little corner ends over coffee and a Criminal Minds marathon.

genny 3
I still hold the view that it's more fun to assemble a quilt as you go instead of working from a pattern, but this was a really easy pattern so far and the prep work has gone surprisingly fast. Some chain piece assembly in the coming days and straight line quilting (still debating on the diagonal versus next to the seams...) should also make this a pretty fast finish.

genny 5
The backing fabric is ordered, a couple prints from the Indian Summer line. I really do love that collection of fabrics and was glad that it worked so well for this quilt (and the little boys it is for).