I'm making a second dog bed for the Flower. His first bed gets taken upstairs and then downstairs and then upstairs...and well, it's exhausting. Ok, it's not really that bad, but I figured if we had one up and one down, it sure would be convenient.

I decided to make the top out of linen - Essex white and the yarn dyed flax (gosh I love that fabric, my fav!) in the Houndstooth pattern that I'm using for Genny's quilt. For the sides, borders and bottom, I wanted to add a bit of color. Here are the fabrics I pulled from my stash:

option 1-2
I really liked these two. They are boy-ish but soft. I think they would go nicely with the light houndstooth while still adding a touch of playfulness and color.

option 3-4
But...I also really like this yellow linen Heather Ross print. I bought it on sale (50% off!) at my local quilt shop and have been trying to insert it into every project since. It is sunny and pops against the light houndstooth pattern. It's a little girly, sure, but it is for a dog and I'm pretty sure he won't know the difference. I could always combine it with the greens above for a little masculine touch. The two navy prints really are quite bold against the light top and I'm not sure if they work, but maybe if the top is quilted with a navy or aqua thread it would tie nicely together.

What is your favorite combination?

**And stay tuned - I'm working up a tutorial for those of you that asked that should be up soon.**


  1. oooh I'm with you on the yellow. I reeeally like it, especially with your white and linen houndstooth. But if you're trying to conserve (that's the kind of fabric I'd hoard), I'd go with the aqua, I think. They look fresh and bright with the white and natural of the front.

  2. I like the contrast I the navy... :)


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