mug rug swap

My local quilt guild is swapping mug rugs with the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild. I made two, with scraps from my chevron curtain. I went with fairly dense quilting so it would lay pretty flat and sturdy - nothing is worse than your morning coffee spilling.

I thought they turned out pretty fun, although I tried machine binding again. Still hate it. I had so many misses on the back it was driving me crazy, and on a piece this small, I don't even think it was faster. Still, I hope my swap buddies enjoy it and I can't wait to see what I receive from my far away guild buddy!

mug rug swap with fort worth MQG

mug rug swap with fort worth MQG
I'm linking this up to Ellison Lane's mini quilt challenge. Click the link to check out other mini bits of pretty. 


  1. I hate Machine binding also, but probably not for the same reason as you. here is a tip from my friend the machine binding Queen. Sew the binding on the back of the quilt first, then (flip binding to the front of the quilt) turn it over and sew down the front. Misses on the back are not an issue since it was sewn there first... See if this helps you any...

    1. That's a pretty nice tip, and I can see how it'd be easier and less likely to miss stitches, but you'd still see them on the front of the quilt. Good to know for other small projects though.

  2. Pretty quilting and pretty colors! Thanks for entering the Modern Mini Challenge!


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