love, fleury

Hello to all my adoring fans,

You will just not believe what has been happening around these parts. Birds have taken over my yard - quail to be exact. A whole family - twenty or so little babies chirping and traipsing all over, taunting me from the window.

I tried to take one since they've been just driving me crazy. I figured there were so many if I took just one it would be ok. But mom freaked. She's so dramatic. She came running outside, yelling at me to drop the little birdie I was holding in my mouth. I knew I shouldn't have let it's little leg stick out, my fault really. After I dropped it she started waving a treat bag around like a crazy lady, yelling at me to just leave it alone and let it run back to it's mom.

I've never had fresh quail before, and now mom screwed up my chance. After just that one little taste, the whole family left the yard. I guess the good news is that they won't be running all over anymore, especially since mom wouldn't let me out with them after "the incident." That woman's got trust issues.

Have a good weekend, peeps (get it, haha!).


ETA (by Fleury's mom): Kidding aside, he picked off the suicidal mom bird a few days after writing this post. I got him to drop her and come inside and she survived enough to hobble out of the yard at least. But if you have ANY tips to train out this behavior, I am all ears!


  1. Oh dear, Fleury, you're going to have to learn to resist the lure of the quail!

    P.S. No idea how to train him not to do this except maybe a 'leave' command? I wonder how they train gun dogs, etc?

    1. He has a fantastic leave it with treats, balls, etc. but I guess we'll have to really start training it with actual living things as well. Oh the drama of puppies.

  2. Oh mu gosh!! Fleury's post is the best post ever!! Me and my family are just cracking up!! Silly Fleury!! I can just picture the dramatic scene!! Priceless!!

  3. Fleury, Fleury, Fleury... What to do with you???

    (Actually, this pic just makes me want to give you a big hug!)

    <3 Your BFF

  4. Tis the way of the dog brain. That's what they do. Keep your darlin' puppy out of the yard until the "birdies" are gone. Good luck. Once a bird dog, always a bird dog. (-:

  5. Yikes! That's a hard habit to train away... Focus on obedience (specifically leave it), and work his nose (play hide and seek or find a treat dispensing toy... Kong has this amazing "wobbler" toy... or do scent training with a professional). It won't stop him from doing this but it will improve his reliability in listening to you.

    And last, try to avoid squeaky toys. They're meant to mimic the sound of a dying animal. I freaked out when I heard that. :)

    Don't get too upset. He's just being a dog. And he's probably just playing or the bird wouldn't be able to walk away. He just doesn't know any better. :) He's probably trying to impress you. My sister's dog hunted possums for her and was SO proud as she dropped them on the doorstep for my sister to discover. :)

  6. Also... Damn but he's handsome. :)


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