last weekend

fletcher canyon, mt. charleston
Last weekend, we went up to Mt Charleston to escape some of the desert heat. The change in altitude was welcome as it brought cooler temperatures, the smell of pine and lots of fun! We decided to do Fletcher Canyon as it was one we hadn't done but had heard was pretty and fun.

fletcher canyon, mt. charleston
We hiked up to the canyon where the walls got steeper and the passages got narrower. We made it to a dry waterfall, which would have been roaring earlier in the spring (we'll have to try again!). The pup enjoyed climbing on the rocks and fallen trees and enjoyed the lack of cactus. He made a regular point to stop and smell all the new plants and even some rocks. We stopped for some trail mix and water while the pup continued climbing on the rocks surrounding us, enjoying the cooler weather himself I'm sure. Afterwards, we hiked back down to the car and drove back to the hot, dry city where we all took a much needed nap.


  1. What gorgeous scenery. This reminds me that hubby and I used to hike all the time before quilting took over our lives :-)


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