last weekend

Last weekend, we went on some new hikes. One of those was to tackle the Oak Creek Canyon hike that we so miserably failed to do the weekend prior. This time, with a triple check on the map and a peek at the way points, we were ready to go. We did find the trailhead, which certainly makes things easier. And the trail itself was very easy - mostly flat, packed sand with some small rocks.
oak creek canyon, red rock
Once we began to go off trail, down into the wash, things got a bit trickier. The big finale is through a large boulder field which leads to the inside of the canyon. Supposedly, there is water there and it's very scenic. We went as far as we could with the puppy but we didn't push it as we were too far in if he decided to dive bomb off a boulder (which he definitely thought about). So, we still haven't made it to the elusive end of Oak Creek Canyon. Still, it was a scenic hike, with a nice stopping point at a dry waterfall, lots of boulders to climb (my favorite!) and some lush vegetation.

oak creek canyon, red rock
And just so we were aware, they have a posted sign to tell you just the point where "wilderness" begins.

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  1. What a fabulous place to walk, such great big open spaces and clear blue skies!


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