string fever QAYG

scrappy strings quilt in progress

I've been working on my QAYG project for a month or so now. I am a total convert. I realize that not all quilts will be able to be quilted this way, but for the ones that can, it's awesome. It's super easy to do on a little home machine and I don't feel like I've pulled a muscle doing it. I can baste easily, add more quilting than usual and see it come together that much faster.

I had thought that I was going to make the 49 blocks into a 7 x 7 block quilt and then add a border around that to bring up the size to 60" square. I hated it. It looked boring to me but I did need to add something so that it was a reasonable size. I had these two pink strips leftover from making the backing for my very first quilt and they went so nicely. A little color and pattern without being too overwhelming and detracting from the rest of the pattern.

So, now I have 14 more QAYG blocks to cut and quilt, but they should go rather quickly. Hopefully by this weekend I can get this guy assembled and be well on my way to a finish!


  1. I like the low volume scrappy look. I must try a QAYG quilt someday.

  2. This looks wonderful!! I might have to begin a low volume version myself! I can't wait to see this finished!!

  3. Love the light pink with the blocks. It adds some interest especially with it creating a diagonal element within the quilt.


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