sewing for puppy: a doggy bone quilt

fleurys mat and bed
Fleury has been loving his new dog bed. I'm surprised by how well it's held up these past couple months, despite being used daily by a now 8 month old puppy. If you all remember, I had originally made a different top for his bed, but after piecing the "back," I decided to use that as the front, leaving me with this patchwork dog bone applique top.

I held onto it for a while, debating what to make it into and also making the time to do it.

close up
fleury's bed and mat
Now that it's finished, I am really starting to like it more and more. I'm using it currently as a mat for under his water bowl since he's a very messy drinker. But I can also see us using it as his travel "place" as well. I love the two coordinating pieces together and really like how they nod toward each other but are still different.

It was my first time machine binding, and although I loved how fast the technique was, I wasn't thrilled with the end result. I'm sure with practice I would get better, but I think for now I'll keep hand sewing those on.

BONUS: The only materials I had to buy for both these projects was the binding fabric for the quilt and the zipper and cording for the bed. The Madrona Road collection fabrics were received from my quilt guild for the challenge. The rest of the fabrics were from my stash and even the batting was scrap from other projects. Score!

he likes it!

And here's a shot of the monster enjoying his bed and his quilt!


  1. He looks so happy. :) They steal our quilts anyway... Mine sure does. Why not make one specifically for him? :)

  2. This is such an awesome idea and adorable!! I love that dog bone blanket! And that bed...oh my - it look like it was SO hard! Awesome job!


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