newbee blocks - april

april newbee blocks
It's May already. Geez, the time does fly. I finished up these two blocks for April's queen of the Newbee Block Swap. It was quite honestly just as easy to make two and I scorched just a wee bit the edge of the first block with the iron on the last press (ain't it how it always goes?!) so this month I made two blocks instead of one. I have to finish up a very patriotic block for May and then it's MY month to be queen. And I still have no idea what I'm going to do! Ideas? Anybody?

newbee blocks - jan thru april
And in case you missed the first few months, here are the blocks we've made so far!


  1. These are just perfect. I love the prints! I know what you mean - I have to come up with an idea for a bee, too! What about Anna Maria Horner's feathers? Or this?
    Or this?
    I have a favorite quilt blocks pinboard that I use for inspiration, if you want to look!

  2. Oh loving all of the blocks you created! Now you have a May block for you and your Queen Bee ;)


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