newbee block - my month as queen

It's my month as queen of the Newbee Quilter's group! I'm so very excited! I took loads of time looking up blocks that I might think about making and hemmed and hawed over a few contenders before I made my final decision.

newbee color scheme - june
For my block, I am requesting a bear paw block. It's a traditional block, made up of squares and HSTs (half square triangles), so all techniques that we have done before, but in a new format! I had seen this block made in quite a few different variations and the reason it became a winner is because it doesn't need to "join" up with another block and can really stand alone. I preferred that so I can add sashing or solid blocks (or patchwork!) in between to make the quilt larger without sewing up too many more blocks.

I chose a jeweled tone color palette of golden yellows, deep, rich navys, emerald greens and a very warm reddish-purple plum. It was inspired by a combination of fabrics from my stash that I've been dying to work with -  a few from Field Study, Tsuru and Indie. My bee buddies won't have these specific fabrics of course, but can use these as inspiration (for color especially) to pull fabrics from their own stash. The background can be any light tan/ off white/ white fabric they have in their stash.

I just love how the color palette is modern (in my opinion) and the block is such a traditional one. I really am so excited to begin work on this quilt. I can't wait to see what my bee mates come up with and how it will all come together as I begin receiving blocks.


  1. SO pretty! I love the fabrics you chose- the blocks will look great :)

  2. Those colors and prints are perfection!


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