last weekend: lost in the desert edition

it started like any other hike
Last weekend, the hubs and I took the dog out for a hike. It started like any other hike, but I guess we should have known something was amiss from the start. No other hikers around on a cool Friday morning, not a very legit parking lot, and certainly not this fallen barbed wire.

looking back, this should have been our first clue
what should have been our first third clue

the trail ends...
But like the push through it people we are, we trudged along, hoping that just around the bend (or up the ridge, down the creek, through the canyon) things would start to make sense. At a certain point, we lost the trail and kept going, thinking it would pick up again. It never did and so we followed game trails in and out of the wash and up and down the ridge.

fleury enjoying the hike
fleury exploring
Fleury, of course, enjoyed the adventure. He gave me multiple heart attacks as he practiced his agility jumps over cactus. Crazy puppy. It started to get more and more dense with cactus and other plants though, so I guess I couldn't really blame him.

the cactus are blooming
do we go this way?
"Is this a good route? I don't think so."
By a certain point, it had started to get a bit warmer out, the sun started to peek through the clouds and so we made the decision to head back to the car...but since we had lost the trail long ago, we had to figure out the best way back. We hiked out of the wash and back onto the ridge, figuring that the higher vantage point would be more beneficial than staying low in the wash. We looked for a stack of rocks we passed to get our bearings.

let's get a higher view point
in the field medical services
Fleury eventually romped just a bit too close to a cactus and got some prickers in his paw, so we had to stop for some emergency medical attention. The hubs was prepared with pliers and picked them all out and we went on our way (after some cuddling).

we found the trail!
Not long after, we made it back to the stack of rocks and onto the trail when we concluded that we were probably on a ranger trail and not the one we intended to be on. A quick Google search when we got home proved that suspicion right and we were walking in no man's land. It was beautiful, though. And next time, husband says he's the hike master and is using GPS coordinates (I truly wonder why he hadn't checked up on this hike and let me plan, knowing that I am absolutely the worst person to look to for directions...) Maybe if the weather is nice, we'll tackle the hike we intended to be on next weekend....

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  1. Nothing like a 70 lbs lap dog. :) Glad you found your way out! :)


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