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I have an overwhelming number of works in progress at the moment. I really do want to have some finishes here in the near future because I have quite a few works not started too...

works in progress
ticker tape placemats, retro flowers quilt, dog bone quilt,  modern medallion quilt, embroidery, scrappy strings quilt blocks

In my works in progress list, I have my ticker tape placemats, my Retro Flowers quilt (in Chicopee), my Dog Bone quilt, my Modern Medallion quilt, a surprise embroidery, my scrappy strings QAYG quilt and the coordinating sewing kit made from the scraps and yikes...a super surprise quilt that I can't show pictures of yet and last but probably not least (as I have a bad memory and there's probably something else somewhere) a shirt for my husband.

They are all in various stages of finish (links are to the latest project blog post):
  • Ticker Tape Placemats - I have all the ticker tape placed onto the mats, but have yet to quilt them.
  • Retro Flowers Quilt - I have all the pieces ready to cut (there's a lot of folding and pressing in this pattern) but I still have a bit of cutting to do before I can start piecing.
  • Dog Bone Quilt - This oops project just needs a bit of quilting and bound, making it a quick finish when I get back to it! DONE!
  • Modern Medallion - Stalled. I have spent so much time on this one already that I really want to like it, but am having some issues on what to do for the next rounds of this quilt.
  • Surprise Embroidery - I would have knocked this out so fast, but I decided to use the shimmery, glitter embroidery thread for the effect, but I didn't realize what a pain it was to work with. Hopefully soon I'll finish it up. I'm hoping it will be a pillow soon! Ready to ship to it's surprise recipient.
  • Scrappy Strings Quilt - As part of Rachel's scrappy stitch along, I'm hoping to get this finished by the end of May....right...
  • Scrappy String Scrap Sewing Kit - Just needs bound! Almost! Almost! DONE!
  • Super Surprise Quilt - Just needs a bit more quilting and then bound! Hoping that I can get this one wrapped up and sent off to it's new owner by the end of May!
  • Shirt for Husband - Still working on the muslin version. Did I mention making clothing is NOTHING like making quilts...

works not started...
And, because my brain creates faster than my hands do, I have fabric piles waiting their turn to become quilts. I just love Sarah Jane's collections. After buying these two mermaid prints, I bought some other coordinates from the Out to Sea collection to make a quilt for myself. I was gifted the Cherry Christmas collection from my mom for Christmas and am hoping to make a holiday quilt before it becomes holiday season.

I also bought a few pieces from Anna Maria's Field Study collection, Tsuru by Cloud 9, and Pat Bravo's Indie. I think between the three, I have some awesome quilts in the making.

And last, but certainly not least, I have a baby boy quilt and a Houndstooth quilt, both commissions.

I also have a *thing* for scrappy quilts, and just can't stop making stuff with scraps. Almost more than with pretty stacks of fabric. So there's that. Hopefully I will have made a bit of progress on some of these by the end of the month and have cleared some space on my work table for some of these other beauties.

How many WIPs do you have? Do you suffer from shiny new project syndrome? Any tips on finishing up WIPs and keeping them under control?

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  1. There's a whole lot of gorgeous going on up there! I've decided to just embrace my wips! I don't want to have to feel the pressure of finishing or need to rush any longer. It was becoming stressful, which can't happen!


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