scrap children

You know when you are working on a scrap project and you think to yourself, "This is going to be awesome, I will use so many scraps and make a real nice dent in that pile and create something beautiful" and then, in reality, your scrap project creates even more scraps that are still to big to part with.

No? Just me?

Oh well.

scraps of scraps
Well, I had all these pretty scraps left over from making my scrappy quilt blocks. I think I may piece these together to make a pretty little travel sewing case. I made one last year for the Modernista swap and vowed to make myself one and never got around to it. Maybe now's the time?

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  1. i can't believe not a single person acknowledged it's not just you! my scrap pile has really grown during my latest project... a scrap quilt, of course. : )


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