newbee blocks - first quarter!

newbee blocks

I can't believe we are already a quarter into 2013! It seems I'm still having trouble remembering the right year on my checks and we're already onto April.

So far, for our Newbee Block swap on Threadbias, we've made some lovely blocks. A scrappy log cabin, a garden fence block and most recently, a wonky house! I really hope that the queen this month enjoys the laundry I added. I mean, I hate laundry in real life, but outside a wonky house seemed much better!

I can't wait to see these quilts put together. I'm excited for my month (June) which is coming up so I better think up something good!


  1. Omg I LOVE your wonky house! Haha.

  2. For your scrap quilt, did you make an effort when putting the strips together to do dark strip, light strip, dark strip, light strip, etc or did you just pull the strips randomly? I am just starting one and and trying not to put two darks or two lights together. Trying for value contrast...or do I not have to worry about that? I am using batiks.

    1. I didnt worry too much. I just kind of played around with the strips I had until they looked pretty, one block at a time. I think I did unintentionally do contrast between them though because otherwise it didn;t look "right" to me.


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