love, fleury

water dog

Hi guys, Fleury here.

Check out this new, giant water bowl my mom got me! Isn't it just the best!? Now that the weather has warmed up, we play outside all the time and I guess she thought I would get dehydrated or something. Whatever.

I love it. I could play in it all day, but mom tries to put "limits" on everything. But it's OK, when she's busy weeding, I sneak over to take little drinks and when we play fetch I purposely drop my ball in it so I just have to go in to get it, you know. Wouldn't want mom to get wet or something, I'm just looking out for her... *wink*



  1. Wow, that's a huge water bowl - you should get your mam to fill it with plastic balls (as well as water) and you could practise 'rescuing' them!


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