last weekend

spring has sprung in the desert
One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is go hiking. Despite our desert locale, there are quite a few places to go just outside the city (and even more if you can bear a short drive). We ended up going to Red Rock with a friend of mine (at her fabulous suggestion) to First Creek. I'd never done this hike but she said the pup would enjoy it, so I assumed there was water.

I had come prepared with his floaty fetch toy, just in case. It was so much fun. The easy mile and a half trek through the desert is hot and dry and not shaded, so best to do in the early morning. But once you reach the falls and the pool, it all is worth it. We relaxed there for about an hour where Fleury went swimming and just burned off a ton of energy splashing and running around.

And now, the photo bomb:

hiking first creek

emergency recall so he'd stop eating burrow poo
practicing his emergency recall, so that he didn't snack on any burrow poo....

falls, pool at the end of the trail
the falls

pup enjoying the water

first creek

"stop taking my picture, mom. i wanna have fun!"
"put the camera down and nobody gets hurt"

at the falls



more swimming

fleury in the pool

fleury and i at the pool

headed for the car....or a rabbit

hiking first creek

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  1. Love! Hehe. The shot of him running through the water is great! And your butt shot, of course :P It was so much fun, we should definitely do it again... And I will bug spray myself first ;)


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