last weekend

hike 1
Last weekend we went to Arizona to visit some family. Unlike Nevada, it was a bit cooler in Arizona which was just perfect for hiking. While we were there, we went on three hikes - Fleury was beside himself with excitement. But this hike in particular was really nice. We were able to have the dogs off leash (Midnight, the little black poodle and Fleury, the big uncoordinated puppy) so they got some extra running and exploring in. Plus, there was water. And we all know how Fleury feels about water.

hike 2
It was fun seeing them running up ahead and then looking back at us slow humans. Fleury in particular was really running, sometimes jumping right over Midnight! He also took a little dip in a creek at the base of the dam (the end of the hike). I don't have any photos because it got rather deep and I was too nervous. I worried for nothing though, he swam right across, popped up the bank on the other side and gave me a look that seemed to say "I don't know why you are fussing, mom, I got this."

hike 3
It was an all around fun and beautiful weekend. And again, I wish we lived near water!

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  1. Sounds like fun! What are you up to Sunday morning/afternoon? I have a short/easy hike suggestion just outside of Red Rock, if you're interested. It's an out-and-back, and at the turnaround point, Fleury would be delighted, haha. Maybe we could hike then grab lunch or dinner after?


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