last weekend: the california edition

san diego
 Recently (not last weekend, though...that's a total lie...), we took a weekend getaway to San Diego to visit with the husband's family and just relax. Since it was just a quick weekend trip and totally drivable (although longer than I recalled from last year, but apparently I slept most of the drive that year...). Even though it was a short trip, it was very relaxing. We took walks on the horse trail next to the citrus grove, spent dinners with family and evenings outside by the fire, where Fleury so kindly warmed Grandma's toes.

san diego walks
We picked a few (or um, 200?!) citrus fruits to bring back with us. And avocados. So you know we've been eating good here lately. (And I found out the dog loooves avocado ice cream)

san diego citrus
Fleury even got in on the fun, running around the gardens like a mad puppy. He just loves smelling flowers so it was quite a treat for him to see so much greenery and lush vegetation. I'm sure he was disappointed to come home to our backyard of dust and rubble. (We're working on it, puppy!)

san diego
Until next time, California....

until next time

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  1. I love that photo of Fleury with his head buried in the shrub!


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