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scrappy strings quilt

So, after my scrappy trip quilt, I thought I would have gotten scrap quilts out of my system for the time being. I know a lot of people in my local guild don't like scrappy quilts. I love them, even more so than regular quilts. Is this weird?

I've thought about it and I think I have pinpointed the reasons why I like them:
  • I am, first and foremost, cheap frugal. I love that these were "leftovers" so to speak from projects past and that I can use them up to make something beautiful.
  • Freedom. There's a freedom to create using scraps. When I buy yardage, I feel the need to have a good use, a plan, a purpose for it because what if I don't like how it turns out - I will have "wasted" all that "good" fabric. The performance anxiety is crippling creatively. But with scraps I can do all sorts of things I wouldn't do with pretty yards of fabric and if it doesn't work out well, I feel less bad.
  • Aesthetics. I actually love the look of scrappy quilts. I know it's not everyone's style and some people prefer a more refined look. I love planning out a quilt and selecting the perfect pattern, the right fabric combinations, etc. etc. but with collections, it's hard to duplicate that lived in, almost matching but not quite, unexpected look.
Anyways, I joined Rachel's scrap attack quilt along to use up some of my strings (I was overwhelmed with the strings!). I ended up selecting this more neutral color palette since the biggest stack of strings was actually solid neutrals. I've added in some peachy corals and dainty yellows and a few black and white prints to mix it up, but limited the color palette. I guess some other time I'll have a crazy vibrant, saturated string quilt. But after the color explosion of the scrappy trip, I was in the mood for something quieter.  I've already done 21 8" blocks. I'm hoping for 49 (I think) and I'll add a border to bulk it up to be a 60" x 60" lap quilt.

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