a day at the lake

the lake
During our trip to Arizona, we stopped by this lake for a quick walk and an afternoon picnic. While we were trying to eat, Fleury just sat and stared at the water, turned around and looked at me and then whined. Tell me what you are thinking puppy, I can't tell.

can i go in the water mom, please?!
"Can I please go play in the water now, mom? Pretty please?!"

at the lake
My brave, wonderful cousin offered to take Fleury close to the water. It was quite crowded and dogs had to be on leash, so we couldn't let him go as crazy as he had hoped. But, as evidenced by these photos, I think he had a pretty good time.

at the lake
Yep, a really good time.

at the lake
The lake had some pretty serious mud surrounding it, lots of that really rich soil that gets deposited from all the tributaries leading to the lake. This, of course, meant that my white puppy quickly became a bi-color. At one point it was so thick on his legs, it looked like he had on knee highs.

As bad as this looks, I still marvel at the self cleaning ability of this dog. We let him dry off some, wiped him a bit with a towel and do some doggy shakes and by the evening, he was as white as could be, no bath required. And for as often as this guy has been getting dirty, that's a very good thing.

dirty puppy

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  1. My pup has magical self-cleaning fur as well... Tho she's black so I never know how "clean" she is. :) I look forward to warmer temps in Seattle only so she can go swimming again. :)


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