spring is for cleaning

Today I want to talk cleaning. I know, bear with me, I know it's a Monday and I'm talking about the least favorite thing to do for possibly everyone on the planet.

I have tried cleaning schedules and systems and lists for the past few years. When we lived in our itty bitty apartment (back in our Florida days), it was quite manageable to deep clean the place weekly. It took about half a day and the place would be sparkling.

Then we moved to the desert and a bigger place and the dust started to take over. Now, we have a house. It has multiple rooms, not just the typical apartment with one giant kitchen/living/dining/office space and a bedroom. For the past six months I've been working on getting a routine down to make cleaning more manageable, quicker and less painful.

At the moment, Monday is downstairs cleaning day and Tuesday is upstairs cleaning day. Tuesday being the much easier of the two. Laundry gets done during the week - one load a day. The kitchen gets cleaned daily as well.

Sounds good, right? But really Monday is a b-word. There's got to be an easier way to keep things clean and tidy than deep cleaning an entire floor every week right? Spending two whole days cleaning with other mini-cleans throughout the week just seems like a lot. Am I crazy? Who wants to spend two whole days cleaning just to keep their house clean?

Short of hiring a housekeeper, what are your tips to make cleaning faster and more manageable? How do you control clutter?


  1. Have you checked out flylady.net? I really like her method of cleaning house.

    1. I have tried it, but I can't seem to make it work for my big house. It takes a full day for me to do her "hour a week" quick clean, which probably means I'm not doing it right, but there's a lot of floor and a lot of dog hair, just vacuuming upstairs takes 40 minutes...And I can't stand the email clutter - seems to me that the whole getting rid of clutter in the house just to have more in my inbox doesn't make sense. I feel like I need something simpler. I do like having all the dishes done at night though.

  2. I don't really deeply clean my house every week but what we did was seperate everything we had to do between the two of us. So one week, he'll clean the bathroom, empty all the garbage and a few other small things and I'll just vaccum everywhere. And the next week, we switch!

    I'm still the one doing the laundry, but I don't mind it because I like it :)
    And we clean the kitchen every night after supper. The one who made dinner cleans.

    That's how it works here and we both like it so far !


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