last weekend

Last weekend, we took the pup and his new girlfriend up to Mt. Charleston to enjoy the nice weather and the last of the winter's snow. We made the hike up to 8,500 ft to Mary Jane falls, the view from which is gorgeous.

hike collage 1

At the top of the mountain, the falls were half melted. Some running water coupled with the vibrant blue ice and a fun little (big!) cave to explore made the trek up totally worth it. The pups seems to have a fun time too - eating snow, chasing snowballs and running around - up and down the snow bank formed at the base of the falls.

hike collage 2
About halfway into our rest/ play period at the base of the falls, a whole dog pack made it's way to the top with their owners. There was a bit of an impromptu dog park created at that time and they totally wore each other out. Before they completely pooped themselves out, we headed back down the mountain and ended the hike with another quick romp in the snow.


hike collage 3
Hope you all had a fun weekend as well!


  1. How fun! The waterfall is gorgeous and there's nothing more fun than watching puppies play in snow. :)

  2. This looks awesome! I need to get up there sometime. I would love to check it out after the falls have melted a bit.


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