cutting and pressing and planning

Now that I've finished up some WIP (not all, mind you, but enough to take the pressure off...) I can dive back into this barely started Retro Flowers quilt. I began cutting and planning and piecing this quilt awhile back, just after the holidays. But then life got busy and other projects and things took precedence. I'm excited to get back into it though.

chicopee planning
The pattern calls for 16 flowers, so I'm planning the above layout. Like most things, seeing it photographed lends a different perspective - I hadn't noticed the two red and one purple solid we're really all grouped to one side. I might tweak it a bit once the flowers are assembled. I'm also still debating on the two spaces that have a couple different options. I'm not sure if I want to lighten it up with some of the white prints, or keep things pretty saturated...

chicopee cutting
I spent yesterday morning doing the first round of cutting (there is a lot of cutting in this pattern!). I can't wait to get the cutting over with so I can start to sew!

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