color choices: houndstooth quilt

One of the husband's cousins has "commissioned" me to make a quilt. After we went back and forth a bit about her color preferences and other aesthetics, we settled on the Houndstooth pattern from V & Co.I really love this pattern - it's a nice bold graphic, but I can see how with linen and white, or a softer color, it would be a mellow quilt as well - even soft and sweet for a baby.

gennys quillt - color choices

She liked the colors blue, green and gray as she has three boys. I pulled a few I thought were nice from my stash. I also threw in a white and a linen since I think either would provide a nice neutral background and contrast with the colors.

I think a white/linen/light blue combination would be light and breezy and have a real beachy feel. The navy and a light background would be striking and bold. The greens would be very natural looking if paired with linen and white. There really is no bad combination in my opinion, just possibilities. What is your favorite?

gennys quilt - color choices


  1. Why don't you use all the colors ??

    But if I really had to pick only two, I think it would be the apple green (the one on the top in the last picture) with the linen (on the bottom).

    But I would still love to see what it would look like if you used one neutral (that would be the white in the pattern) and then for all the black parts, you could use all the solids.

  2. I think the bright green, bright blue and navy would be awesome!

  3. This is going to be gorgeous!!

  4. All of those fabrics go so well together, can they all go in?


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