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Fellow sewists: how are your bad sewing habits? This question was thrown out by Emily (Mommy's nap time) this week and it got me thinking. I guess I didn't realize how many bad habits I had until well, I wrote them all down. And wouldn't you know, almost all of them involve (potentially) dangerous sharp objects....yikes!

not changing my needle - I know, I should change it in between projects, but I get so excited to start another one that I rush past it and three projects later I start to think, "Geez, this needle sucks..." Of course it does....

putting pins in my mouth - I heard about someone who inhaled a pin by accident and required surgery or something horrific. I vowed to not put pins in my mouth anymore. But sometimes I walk away from my pin cushion and where else can I put them?

dropping pins - and sometimes, most always, but not every single time, I pick them up. I've gotten much better at this since we got the puppy though. Imagining a $3000 surgery to remove a pin swallowed by my puppy I guess holds a little higher priority for me than inhaling one myself....

not closing my rotary cutter - I try to remember...really....

using my rotary cutter the wrong way - This stems from all the cutting I did in college. I used an exacto knife to cut out cardboard, foam board and balsa wood almost daily for four years building models. And when using an exacto knife, you cut towards now I do it with my rotary cutter. I know this is dangerous...but I figured I survived college with only one trip to the hospital for exacto usage...what are my  chances i'd cut myself with a rotary cutter? *knock on wood* (on a side note: the only sewing injury I've encountered is sewing my finger with the machine, nothing resulting from my worst sewing habits)

not changing my rotary cutter blade - Are you sensing a pattern? I use these blades until they are dull, which is stupid - a nice, new rotary blade cuts like butter, but I plow on using a less than perfect one. One, because they are sooo darn expensive and also because well, I'm lazy. Mostly because I'm lazy. Then I change my blade, remember how much less pressure I need to apply with a nice blade and tell myself to never let it get that bad....

not getting my machine serviced- like, ever. I've only had it a few months over a year, so really, it's just now due...sort of...and I swear I've been meaning to take it in, but then I tell myself, well, after this project...and with project ADD that turns into 3 projects later and a linty machine that will soon give me hiccups.

sewing space sloppiness - For two weeks I couldn't find my seam ripper. But when it comes to having time to sew, I want to sew, not clean, so sometimes (ok, most of the time) the sewing room ends up looking like a really fabulous (but still messy) fabric bomb went off.

I'm going to stop thinking about these now so I don't get too down on myself....In the meantime, what are your worst sewing habits?


  1. I do most of these! I'm worst at not changing needles or blades. My dog ate an open safety pin and had to have that $3000 surgery to remove it. OUCH for all of us! :( The xray is comical though...


  2. Oh lord... Where to begin?

    I am also bad at changing my needle - which is made worse by the fact that I'm always forgetting to adjust the position of my needle to center when I start up my machine. If my 1/4 inch foot is on, then it slams into the metal of the foot, makes a horrible sound and sends my machine into fits. Imagine what that does to a needle...

    I am awful at changing my blade as well. Same reason. Expensive and lazy. :)

    I put pins in my mouth ALWAYS. It's just handy. But I am good at picking them up. I have a dog too and my husband stepped on a needle once and was sooooo angry. :)

    I sew over pins all of the time. I've never jammed a needle so bad that it broke or messed up my machine but I have plenty of bent pins. I'm getting better though.

    My scissors are super crappy.... There's a huge nick in them from accidentally trying to cut thru a pin (hint: it didn't work) and they just gum fabric rather than cut. I need to sharpen them... They're otherwise great scissors - Henkels. Love them.

    And I buy fabric like I need it to insulate the house... Without intent and without a plan. I will NEVER use half of it. :)

  3. I have this feature on my machine that forces me to change my needles. It's called "I forgot it was on zig zag and switched back to my 1/4" foot". Needle snaps right in half! Try it on yours... it works great! :)

    I do all the rest of the stuff as well. I wish my room could be cleaner. I spend time cleaning it.. and then I LOVE how nice and organized it is and I just want to run in there and then POOF... crap everywhere.

    I have a regular magnetic pin thing that I toss pins at to catch and one of these: which I love... finds all those needle changes very well. :)

    Oh! and seam rippers.. it's like they have legs. My solution is to just grab the whole shelf when I buy new ones lol.

    ps. I'm going to use karen's reasoning for buying fabric. insulation! LMAO!!

  4. That's quite a list - my only suggestion is to be super carfeul with that rotary - no need to bleed all over the fabric! :) Be safe!
    Thanks for linking up this week!


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