photo shoot outtake and injuries

scrappy 3

Well, I'm laid up at the moment. Fleury and I went for a walk in the "city" (aka suburbia). Fleury was pretty terrible with the traffic and the sidewalks and especially all the crazy insane dogs behind fences. I also had a rough time with the curbs, falling off one and twisting my ball in the back yard it is for a few days while I let this heal up.

But since a blown up ankle does not make for a pretty picture, this is husband (the man behind the quilts) carrying on because I'm taking too long during a photo shoot. You'd think we were out there for an hour. Truth is, this was before I even got in one good shot. The commentary that went along with this photo: priceless.

And does anyone have any advice for walking a pup in the "city?"


  1. Pinch collar. The only way we can control the 80 lb lab at the end of the leash. Make sure you get some assistance fitting it so its not too tight. And keep at it. It will (hopefully) desensitize to the noise.

  2. Totally priceless !

    I don't have a dog so no advice for you BUT you should totally sign up for the Modernista Swap. I think they are still allowing people to sign up until tonight !


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