last weekend

gardening Last weekend, we started some yard work since the weather was nice and well, our yard is a patch of grass and lots of construction rubble. We (the hubs) made a DIY rock sorter with some fence/chicken wire/ screen that we had laying around. We're hoping that we can use some of the rock for drainage and to line pathways in the garden. As we were raking, puppy came over to investigate, realized what we were doing and started digging his own hole. He'd stop after a few digs, look up as if to ask "Is this what you had in mind? Am I helping?"
All was going fine until the hubs pulled out the hose. Puppy looooves water. He was trying to drink out of it, splash in it, and once we stopped spraying, figure out how that darned thing worked! gardening He came over to the porch for a mid-play rest and asked politely for some water, in a bowl this time. When I mentioned that he was going to need a bath, I guess puppy figured he better make the most of it:
gardening And then that happened.
gardening Gardening is hard work...and very serious.

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  1. He's such a good helper!!

    Also, mud is delicious. Lol.


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