madrona progress

madrona road progress

My Madrona Road project is coming along, I think with a finish here shortly. It's been a fun project. I ended up making a rather simple pattern, but I do think it ended up quite fun. Interestingly enough, I did half of the project before I realized I liked the back better (my sister has this thing where she likes the backs better and I think it's rubbing off on me..ugh). Well, I ditched the front (to be made into something else for sure) and reworked the back to become the front. Funny how the creative process works sometimes isn't it?

madrona road progress

The rules state that we can add in additional solids of our choice. Well, I went stash shopping (because buying more fabric just isn't in the cards right now) and pulled some greens. The middle green actually matches perfectly with the muddy olive green in the chevron and floral patterns, but when I looked at it from further away, the most vibrant green just seemed more "right" even though it didn't match at all.

After a couple more solids were pulled, I pieced the front and right now, I'm loving it. I'll have to do something with the (used to be) front, too. I can't wait to show you guys, but I have to wait another darned month until our guild's reveal!

last weekend

gardening Last weekend, we started some yard work since the weather was nice and well, our yard is a patch of grass and lots of construction rubble. We (the hubs) made a DIY rock sorter with some fence/chicken wire/ screen that we had laying around. We're hoping that we can use some of the rock for drainage and to line pathways in the garden. As we were raking, puppy came over to investigate, realized what we were doing and started digging his own hole. He'd stop after a few digs, look up as if to ask "Is this what you had in mind? Am I helping?"
All was going fine until the hubs pulled out the hose. Puppy looooves water. He was trying to drink out of it, splash in it, and once we stopped spraying, figure out how that darned thing worked! gardening He came over to the porch for a mid-play rest and asked politely for some water, in a bowl this time. When I mentioned that he was going to need a bath, I guess puppy figured he better make the most of it:
gardening And then that happened.
gardening Gardening is hard work...and very serious.

ah, peace

sleepy puppy
I really really love my puppy when he's all nice and peaceful and quiet. I love him other times as well, but you know, when he's like this, it almost makes me forget that he has moments like this.

photo shoot outtake and injuries

scrappy 3

Well, I'm laid up at the moment. Fleury and I went for a walk in the "city" (aka suburbia). Fleury was pretty terrible with the traffic and the sidewalks and especially all the crazy insane dogs behind fences. I also had a rough time with the curbs, falling off one and twisting my ball in the back yard it is for a few days while I let this heal up.

But since a blown up ankle does not make for a pretty picture, this is husband (the man behind the quilts) carrying on because I'm taking too long during a photo shoot. You'd think we were out there for an hour. Truth is, this was before I even got in one good shot. The commentary that went along with this photo: priceless.

And does anyone have any advice for walking a pup in the "city?"


I love working on things for people without letting them know first. That way, there's no pressure to get it done and I can work at my own pace. Sometimes I think I'd be more productive if I had a time crunch of sorts because self imposed deadlines have a way of extending, but I don't need anymore stress.

Ok, I'm rambling.

Anyway, I started working on this embroidery piece when the puppy is just hanging out chewing on something or entertaining himself. I can't trust him to accompany me to the sewing room yet, so this is our compromise. It's a nice, portable project I can do anywhere and I do really enjoy the hand work.

I can't wait to finish this and send it off to the recipient. I hope they like it as much as I do!

last weekend

Last weekend, we had a busy weekend, but mostly at home. It was windy and cold outside so we tried to stay warm and cozy inside. I made some homemade pasta topped with alfredo sauce to warm us up. And wore wool socks and long underwear all weekend.

I quilted my scrappy trip along! I also made a quick shopping trip and bought some binding fabric, so almost done with this one. Hoping to get it bound this week so I can wash and crinkle it into some cuddly goodness.

pillow fight
Also on the sewing front, I started to disassemble an old feather bed that we're going to use as a dog bed. The feather bed had a down cover on the top that we wanted to remove and just use the feather part in his bed. Sounds good, but in reality, it was like a really really big pillow fight from the movies, with down flying just about everywhere. We tried to catch as much as we could but catching down, if you didn't know, is like trying to grab air. Ridiculous. Luckily, we had made sangria to aid us in this impossible task, which we drank out of coffee mugs since that's the only appropriate way to drink alcohol before 5pm.

puppy with socks
And the hubs tried to get the puppy to wear socks. We have mostly solid floors that he's always sliding on and there are lots of rocks on the hiking trails, so we just tried getting him used to it so that he (hopefully) will wear them to protect his little paws while were out. It was a quick attempt with lots of treats involved. They lasted a few minutes before he kicked / chewed / otherwise removed all of them.

And, of course, a weekend wouldn't be complete without a little puppy mayhem to keep us on our toes.

love, fleury

This week, mom took me to a dog park. I gotta tell you, the people park looked fun, but since she said I wasn't allowed there (I didn't see her ask anyone, because I would have flashed them those eyes that I do when I want something and totally have gotten the go ahead), I tried my best to make the dog park a people park.

I went around to all the owners and sat in front of them and got all kinda loves. I'm irresistible and I know it. People kept telling mom that I was such a beautiful, handsome dog and she said "thank you" - like she had anything to do with it.

I played with a couple kids which was fun, but I just don't see the appeal of a dog park. My back yard has toys and grass and a nice, clean water bowl. The dog park: a communal water bowl (um, ew), no toys and no grass. I just can't figure out what I'm supposed to do there.

Sometimes I just don't know what that woman is thinking.


pondering madrona road

Well, I know it's a little later, but our quilt guild is doing the Madrona Road challenge. I already have an idea for what I'd like to make with it. We'll see how it actually turns out. You know how creative ideas evolve and morph into something totally different than what you originally plan, so there's that.

I'm keeping my idea under wraps for now...but I think it's so very fun. It's due at our April meeting, so I'll be busy working on this, my retro blocks, quilting another WIP that's long overdue and a little sort of "commission" quilt for a cousin. I'm a busy bee over here. Whew. Where's the coffee?

a finished trip top

This weekend I finished my scrappy trip around the world top. I'm really excited for this one. Mostly because it was such a quick finish and used up tons of scraps! And I just love how it turned out - bright, cheerful, and oh so scrappy.

scrappy 1

scrappy 4
And with the good deal I scored on some backing fabric (an AMH print at 50% off), this almost feels like a freebie. I had my husband move the dining table to one side of the dining room so that I can use that floor to baste the top this week so I can start quilting it. Faster quilting = faster snuggling.

I totally know that I'll make another scrappy trip at some point in my future. It was so easy and there are so many possibilities!

last weekend

choco mug
Ugh. This weekend I got hit with some kinda bug. A ear/eyes/nose/head/throat bug.

So, I spent most of it in a DayQuil and NyQuil induced haze, sipping chicken soup and hot chocolate. Of course, puppy was feeling better after his little stomach issue, so there was lots and lots of play, too. In between, I did get a few more blocks for my scrappy trip done, but that was about all the off-couch time I could muster.

It's still lingering, and if it's anything like I've heard others have come down with, it might be here awhile.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mom!

newbees - january quilt block

newbee jan
So, aside from dGS, the only other bee/swap I've signed up for is Newbee Quilters on Threadbias. It was started by Angela at All patched up and is specifically for people new to bees or to quilting. The blocks are all relatively on the easy side, so I felt like I could do this one without feeling overwhelmed.

The first block, requested by Angela, was a scrappy log cabin in bright colors. I hope this suits her! I had fun digging through all my scraps to pull some bright, cheery ones to include in this block. 

love, fleury

naughty puppy
My mom said that this was me being a naughty pup. She says the couch isn't for puppies. But she's no fun. I'll win her over with my cute puppy dog eyes and be king of the couch in no time.