I'm sure if you quilt and read blogs, I'm sure you've heard of this informal quilt along - the scrappy trip around the world.

Well, once I got all cleaned up and had organized my scraps, I felt like I could really put a dent into them with this quilt and you know, join in the scrappy fun.

I loooove scrap quilts, especially square patchwork. I think it's the imperfect, casual look of it that just makes them so cozy. And creating something like this makes me feel like this is how quilts were made before perfectly coordinated designer collections, just using up what you have - the uglies, the remnants, the pretty leftovers from projects past - and making something beautiful and unique with them.
#scrappytrip WIP
And not to be deceiving, but these blocks are almost too easy to make (tutorial here). I had sewn together 8 blocks in just two puppy nap times. At this rate, by week's end I'll have a new quilt top to add to the growing stack of tops in need of basting...(oh, basting, how i dread thee). The best part about such a scrappy quilt, the squares are so small at 2" that even those ugly fabrics find a home. The larger picture is what your eye focuses on, not the itty bitty bits of fabrics.

I love the progress I've made so far, but I hope to make 25 or maybe more of these, depending how many scraps I end up having.

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  1. I just started cutting all of my pieces (99% are not scraps) the other day! You're braver than I am because I still have to leave the ugly out. :)


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