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retro fabrics

So, finally, I have felt confident enough to venture into the land of curves. I bought the pattern for the Retro Flowers quilt last summer in hopes of tackling it at some point. I had debated what fabrics to make it with and you know when you get fabric and it sort of tells you what it wants to be? Well, that's what happened with the Chicopee bundle I got for Christmas. I pulled my favorite prints and I ended up noticing how well all of it looked with my black yarn dyed essex linen and I was sold.

retro fabric decisions

Well, sort of. There was a small debate on background color that I asked my husband's opinion on (natural versus black essex linen). His response: "Well, which one do you like the most? Because that's the one I like the most." Wise man, that one. Unhelpful, but wise.

I read through the entire pattern first as I had never before worked with a legit pattern. I can see why people pay for them though. It makes cutting and piecing and even pressing pretty easy and you don't really have to figure anything out. I get it. 


But the curves. The curves and that darned stretchy, shifty linen I love so much. It's a good thing I didn't have anything else to think about because geez, the curves are tiny! I had done a similar technique when I had done the NYB block last year, but boy, these are small compared to that and it makes it all the more challenging. It took me a whole puppy nap time to get one petal done. I can already tell that I'm going to love this when it's complete, but it may be a while until that point with the speed I'm going. yikes.

It's quite a difference from the crazy fast piecing of the scrappy trip blocks. I think it will be good for me to work on these together, to contrast each other.

Once I get one whole flower done, to make sure I'm settled on my background color, I'll start cutting out everything and chain piece the majority of it. Seems like it might go a bit faster that way. Faster, but still slow.


  1. Oh Jess, this looks awesome! I was admiring my black yarn dyed Essex with that fuschia Chicopee Ladder Dot print the other day. Was thinking of pairing those with something navy to make a bag. Maybe...I have too many things going on! LOL Can't wait to see the whole flower!

  2. The background looks perfect with those prints!

  3. This is going to be so gorgeous!! I'm sharing a new quilt top today combining Glimma & linen, and now I need to get some of that black yarn dyed in my stash asap!!


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