on productivity in the new year

I feel I've been rather productive so far this year (don't pay attention to the fact that my new year's post is coming in late January...). Sure, I have no finishes to mention, and the house project list is rather long, but still, I feel like I'm getting the hang of raising a puppy and managing my time.

I've learned to make the most of those precious puppy nap times - shower, cleaning, laundry, eating breakfast all happen during those peaceful moments. And sewing. Every minute counts because when he wakes, every moment is spent on the go. go go go go go.

I'm really hoping that this year will be productive in quilts. I have purchased a few patterns and a bit of fabric (what an understatement, haha) and already have ideas floating in my head for oh so many quilts, but because I love lists:

Top 10 Quilts I'd like to make/finish in 2013

1. Handstitched class quilt (WIP)
2. Retro Flowers quilt (WIP)
3. Vintage Holiday quilt
4. French Braid quilt
5. Feather quilt
6. Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt (WIP)
7. Surprise Baby quilt
8. "Out to Sea" quilt
9. Harry Potter quilt (this one's for my sister)
10. Surprise Log Cabin quilt (WIP)

Maybe, if I'm really productive, I'll finish all these and not just collect the tops (shame, shame), although I sometimes do just enjoy the process and take my good, sweet time. And you know how it goes, sometimes you see something you have to make right now (scrappy trip anyone?) and all planning goes out the window....

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