my sewing start

first quilt collage

I'm pretty new to sewing. I just really got started a little over a year ago. We had just moved, I wasn't working and needed a creative outlet. Before that, I had been an interior designer. Think of it as quilting with walls. I loved the challenge of space planning - it is a puzzle - what is the best way to fit those rooms in a defined space. Then, there was the finishing. Playing with textures and colors and light to create an environment was so. much. fun. (The day to day drudgery of all work was there of course, but the creative part of my brain was always working. I would literally have dreams in AutoCAD). 

Well, we moved. I no longer had that outlet and really was going a bit stir crazy. Then, when working on our guest bedroom, I really had my eye on a patchwork quilt from Pottery Barn. It would look lovely, the colors would be perfect and yada yada yada. Reality check: it's accompanying $300 price tag. 

That's when I got into sewing. Sure, it probably ended up costing about as much to make one, but I know it's good quality and I enjoyed making it. It got those lost creative juices flowing again. And then, I couldn't stop. I really never thought I would be the sewing type - but the combination of fabrics, the placement puzzles, the color, the textures - I just couldn't get enough. 

I now dream in fabric

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  1. I dream in fabric too! :)
    With your background in design I'll bet you have a much easier time at picking out fabrics for a quilt! Your first quilt is beautiful! So much to be proud of!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love your quilt, it is beautiful. Welcome to the quilting world. :)

  3. Charming is the word for your quilt. It is a wonderful story. Here's to making many more quilts and quilt-related projects.


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