a new year's clean up

Over the holidays, my sewing room became an absolute disaster. It was the present wrapping station. The box storage room. The catch all really since it is the only room downstairs besides the laundry and bath that has a door. We had been keeping basically everything that we didn't want the pup getting into in this room, so it has become a crazy mess.

sewing room - before
I know I need to tackle my scraps before they get to the point of no return. I also want to place my fabric stacked vertically so that it will be easier to access (since of course, currently, I need on the one on the bottom....always). Hanging some tools on the wall and making the space more inviting by adding a few decorations would be a nice bonus as well.

sewing room - before
Of course, this was all something I wanted to get done, especially before I started to work on some WIPs and some new projects I have in the works, but making time to tackle a task like this wasn't too high on the priority list.

That is, not until puppy figured out how to open doors and developed a taste for fabric...now, it's more of a necessity than a luxury. I'd love to have him come into the sewing room more often with me (so I can teach him proper sewing room manners....the first of which is: no eating mama's fabric. the second: stay away from the yarn.) but currently, it's just too messy.

Over at Threadbias, they have thrown out a challenge to clean up our sewing spaces by January 11th. It's going to be tough, but I'm hoping to do it, even if I still am working a little on getting scraps organized.I'll pop in then to give a quick update on how I've done and post some after pictures! Wish me luck!

*Anyone know how to edit video orientation?


  1. Your new pup is so cute! I love that he's named for a hockey player :-) I need to get working on my sewing space too, eventually.....

  2. Fleury is adorable! We're sewing room twins. Not just the mess :) but I also have the same setup with the white Expedit and table. Now I want to get another Expedit to lay on the floor like you have, that's perfect! I'm going to add some built in shelves in the closet and take the doors off for fabric storage.


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