a ::little:: stashing

Oh, this Christmas, I got the most fantastic gifts...

Lots and lots of fabric came my way, and then I spent my Christmas money on even more fabric! (And yes, I'm making a quilt with scraps, figure me out..I can't explain).

I got Cherry Christmas from my mama:

She also got me a bias tape maker and those little Clover binding clips. I had wanted to try them out (heard about them at my quilt guild) but gosh they are expensive. So I felt pretty lucky to be gifted them!

Chicopee bundles from my mama-in-law:


And, you know, some more essentials (linen!) and clearance stuff from my LQS:


I know exactly what I want to do with the Cherry Christmas and Chicopee collections and already bought that patterns to start. Can't wait to cut into them!!!

Did you get any sewing related gifts for Christmas?

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  1. Yay, pretty fabric! My mom got me those little binding clips too!


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