sweet puppy

fleury fooled ya

We made it until Christmas day, then puppy started to eat the tree with a vengeance. I'm kinda glad we lasted that long....

our Christmas, in pictures

fleury christmas collage 3

Our holiday consisted of an almost quiet day at home. We lit the fireplace, made some eggnog (Martha's recipe, try it, you'll thank me later), turned on the tree lights, got our toes warmed by quilts and puppies and played country Christmas tunes on the radio.

And then to break up the calm, quiet day, we chased a puppy around the tree for stealing ornaments.

*Also, he's growing so fast and pushing 30 pounds now at 3 months old, but I still think it's endearing that he still thinks he's a lap dog. I just am picturing him trying to get his whole self on me when he weighs as much as me.*

ho ho ho

fleury ho ho ho

I imagine this was our puppy's internal conversation (from left to right):

"Thanks for this lovely chew, ma!"

"It sure is yummy!"

"What?! You say it's not a chew toy?"

"Sure seems that way to me, is this how I wear it?"

"Oh, ma, I'll just give you puppy kisses so you stop taking my picture."

a white {GSD} Christmas

Santa came early this year and left us the cutest little pup, Fleury (named after the Penguin's goaltender). We got this little guy in November, just before Thanksgiving, and have been on our toes ever since. We took these pictures with lots of "sits" and "watch me's" and oodles of treats, but I thought he did quite fantastic!

fleury christmas
Fleury, 3 months

fleury christmas collage 1

So, Happy Holidays from us to you!

so, santa?

so, you're telling me there's this big, fat guy that's gonna break in? and i can't bite him?
So you're telling me, there's a big, fat guy that's going to break into our house and I'm not supposed to bite him? Ha.