lipstick on a pig

As part of Pink Castle's Blue Moon Scrap Challenge (hosted at Stitched in Color), I won a little bundle of fabric - a gorgeous collection of blues, minty aquas and a punch of red. Only catch - use it or lose it! I had to make something with these 9" x 11" pieces pretty quickly.

In our new house, the laundry room has cabinets and space to be jealous of, but it's gray (oh the gray in this house is overwhelming...). Which really compliments the exciting white appliances and cabinetry, gray counters and the framed view of the A/C units.  So, when I saw this bundle of fabrics, it screamed "Make me your laundry room curtain!" You know, so I could get some color going on in there.

So I set about figuring out how to streeeetch that fabric to the max. I really wanted to do a chevron design. Initially, I laid them out as more of a repetitive Charlie Brown type chevron. It was ok, but knowing I would only get two rows seemed kind of sad looking...not very exciting and not using up nearly enough surface area.

scrap challenge
So instead, I went for a more wonky chevron design and eventually settled on using the boldest, darkest color to help tie them together at their points. I thought it helped with the movement across the curtain.

Not to waste any fabric, I put a few baby chevrons at the bottom with a few of the scrap pieces.

For the life of me, I couldn't get the stripe to really play nicely on the front. So I placed a sliver of it on the liner. Now when I'm outside, I can see a little peak of pretty through the window. I know, here I sort of cheated. We were only supposed to use one other fabric outside of the bundle (I used Robert Kaufman's Essex Linen in Flax), but I really needed to line this with something and, living in the hot desert, it made sense to put the lightest surface possible on the side facing out (for fading and heat reflective purposes).

scrap challenge

Later, after it was hung in it's rightful place, husband came up with a great idea (funny how he does that sometimes...). Going back to that stripe fabric, he asked why not make a little tie back for it, so that we can let some light into the room sometimes. So, I stitched up another sliver of the stripe and backed it with some essex linen. I didn't have a long enough length for a full tie back, so I created a button with some of the leftover teal quilter's linen from the bundle. Now it's a little cuff to contain the drape! That man is a genius sometimes.


Here's it is in our laundry room. Putting a fun, bright curtain in our laundry room, it's sort of like putting lipstick on a pig. But at least it makes me smile as I'm sorting and washing and drying and folding....(you know I need all the motivation I can for this most dreaded chore!)

Also, interior pictures in a tiny, dark-ish room as quite hard to take! Don't mind the bad photo, but I wanted you to get a peak of it in it's true home.

Thanks so much to Rachel of Stitched in Color for hosting such a fun challenge and to Pink Castle Fabrics for the lovely stack of fabric!


  1. It's beautiful! I love the pop of color in your laundry room. :D

  2. It's gorgeous! I love your design. I have no courage yet for making up my own designs. It's a goal!

  3. Looks awesome! Nice way to break up 50 shades... ;)


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