blue moon...

...I knew just what you were there for.

blue moon

Well, I knew what I would make with you at least.

I thought that these colors would be perfect for my laundry room curtain. I mean, laundry rooms are a bit drab and this palette, with it's bold blues, vibrant red and soft aquas just make me happy. So maybe I'll enjoy doing laundry? It's doubtful, but at least maybe the space will be more inviting.

So, that's the challenge. Now that I won these babies over at Stitched in Color, I have just over a week to bust out a fabulous looking curtain to dazzle and amaze (and increase the happiness factor of the new laundry room). I'm thinking some stripe/chevron-ness will do the trick. If you just love this bundle too, head on over the Pink Chalk Fabrics to pick one up for yourself.

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