a ::little:: stashing

I'm so excited to be showing you what the postman brought crammed in my mailbox the other day. Some fabulously fall colored prints that are just dying to be sewn into something!

some amh and art gallery stashing

Some Anna Maria Field Study prints and a few Art Gallery blenders. I just love that feather print.

indie by pat bravo

Indie by Pat Bravo! I've had my eye on this collection for a while now, but with all the hustle and bustle of summer it never made it to my shopping cart. Thank goodness that little oversight was remedied. I honestly would have selected very few of these fabrics on their own, but I just love the line as a whole.

I really want to combine maybe a little of this (Field Study) and a little of that (Indie) to make a throw quilt. I'm still deciding between Anna Maria's feather pattern, a simple flying geese, or a friendship braid. Any thoughts? I think they all would be beautiful and very fitting for the warmth of these fabrics.

sarah jane - out to sea

I also threw in some of Sarah Jane's Out to Sea. I love her fabrics so it was hard not to buy the whole line but my pocketbook (and my husband) draws the line at a certain point of fabric insanity.

Side note: Have any of you seen the show American Pickers on History? Well, my hubs loves it and they have a phrase they use when they just start to get stupid and buy everything they see - "junk drunk." I swear this also applies to fabric. Just one more thing turns into .... ack! 

I bought some of these at my LQS, but most of them I ordered online at Hawthorne Threads. Their shipping was pretty amazing and their pricing was awesome (comparable to fabric.com!).


  1. wow!!! Gorgeous fabrics, Jess. Both AMH's feather pattern and the friendship braid will look awesome with those prints! Can't wait to see what you've come up with.

  2. As if I don't horde enough crafting items/materials already, you are eventually going to turn me to fabrics... These are lovely. The colors are so great for fall. I especially love the poppy-looking one with the polka dots in the first pic and the Indie lines :)

  3. Seriously IN LOVE with your choices. I was looking for some Indie last weekend in Salt Lake City, but sadly I didn't find any. Guess I"ll fire up the old credit card and order it!


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