retreat recap: the old west

retreat old west
While at the quilt retreat, we stopped in "downtown" Seligman for a dinner out at Westside Lilo's Cafe (German/American style food). We walked around before dinner since we were a bit early for our reservation. The little town there (totally fake, more like a movie set) made for some fun photographs. I especially liked the jail (which I went in), the outhouse (which I didn't) and the 10,000 gallon tank of moonshine (which I can only hope was full).

The town is situated on Route 66,  super small and really in the middle of nowhere. But they sold Sarsaparilla in the general store, so no complaints here.

retreat old west
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  1. You take really great pictures you need to show me how to do that...
    How are you feeling???
    I sure hope better..


    1. Thanks! I am feeling better now. Although now I'm moving, so I'm exhausted, but better!

  2. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. :)


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