retreat recap: the old west

retreat old west
While at the quilt retreat, we stopped in "downtown" Seligman for a dinner out at Westside Lilo's Cafe (German/American style food). We walked around before dinner since we were a bit early for our reservation. The little town there (totally fake, more like a movie set) made for some fun photographs. I especially liked the jail (which I went in), the outhouse (which I didn't) and the 10,000 gallon tank of moonshine (which I can only hope was full).

The town is situated on Route 66,  super small and really in the middle of nowhere. But they sold Sarsaparilla in the general store, so no complaints here.

retreat old west
Did you miss Part 1? See that recap here.

retreat recap: part 1

Earlier this week, I attended a sewing retreat with the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. I didn't really know what to expect as this was my first quilt retreat, but it was a blast! There was sewing and socializing and quilt shop visiting. There was camp fire building, marshmallow roasting and recipe swapping.

We stayed at Tumbling Rock Ranch in Seligman, Arizona. It was a nice change from the Nevada desert. There were mountains and greenery, trees and flowers. We even had a few rain showers while we were there - and once the rain broke, even a rainbow! I saw my first tarantula and despite having no rotary cutter or sewing machine needle accidents at the retreat, I still ended up in the ER! (I brushed against a cactus while unloading another retreater's things. Um, it sucked. I'm also writing this still sort of loopy from Benadryl, so I'll edit as needed when it wears off. Hopefully I'm not rambling too much, although I am noticing that this is fourth sentence within a parentheses, so I'll stop now...) 

I worked on several projects making a lot of progress on each, but finishing none. I'll be posting more about those projects as well as some of my secret quilter items (both received and gifted) once I get them unpacked and photographed.

Stay tuned - more to come once these drugs wear off!



Lately, I've been crazy busy...because we bought a house!

There's lots of mopping and scrubbing and sweeping and wiping and repairing and disinfecting that takes place when you buy a house. And, at least when buying a short sale property, there's lots that happens really, really, mind blowingly fast.

So, unfortunately, I've been doing more cleaning than sewing and ordering in more Chinese take-out than cooking. I'm utterly exhausted. Just getting dressed this morning, I tried to put on underwear without first taking off my pajama pants.

I'll post a little more when normal brain function returns. Full sentences are giving me trouble.

mr. postman: a NYB mini sew and tell

modernista mini
From top left: Block 4, Block 2, Block 0, Block 7
I made this mini as part of the Modernista Homemade sewing swap. I only knew a little about my partner, mostly that she liked stars, paper piecing, HSTs and bright colors - mostly of the pink and aqua variety.

I thought about just doing some solid HSTs (I also love HSTs, the simplicity is so lovely sometimes), but I also really wanted to try out the New York Beauty Blocks. I used tutorials for these four blocks (0, 2, 4, 7), although once you make one, it's pretty repetitive as far as technique. (The tutorials are nice for cutting sizes, though).

modernista mini
Block 4 was definitely my favorite as far as the final look of the block. My husband was sad to see this mini go and , so I'll have to revisit these blocks to make something for myself at some point. I'm thinking that using just one of the blocks (my fav of course) in Christmas colors would be a fun wreath alternative. Also, after tossing it over the railing to take a photo, I realized how in red, white and blue, a few of these together would make some festive Fourth of July decor. Especially the skinnier pointed blocks - they sort of remind me of fireworks!

moderinsta mini
I also made a travel sewing kit using this tutorial and a star pincushion to match. After tossing in some little goodies, this shipped off to my partner. I sure hope she likes it! It's not my typical style/ colors at all, but fun to work on!

Sorry for the terrible photos. I had to get this in the mail, so I took them at noon (quite possibly the worst time ever) at a park with plastic grass. Yes, it's as discussing as it sounds.

moderinsta package
Doesn't that plastic grass look so green and shiny?

travel sewing case